How do import duties work?

Updated 2 years ago by Esti Chazanow

  • Some countries charge an import duty for purchasing an item from overseas; we wish we had the power to eliminate that tax or charge, but unfortunately, we don't :(. That's why we offer free shipping to international customers, to offset the cost of duties that they may be charged. 
  • International fans should be aware that prices billed by for goods shipped outside the USA do not include any taxes, duties, VAT or other charges due to the recipient’s local or national government authority. 
  • All fees, duties, and taxes, including VAT, are the sole responsibility of the recipient and must be paid upon arrival in the destination country. 
  • Usually, these fees are demanded before delivery and are collected by the shipping courier or local customs authority. For more details, please contact your local customs office. You may also use a Duty Calculator to calculate what your local government may charge you.
  • In the event that you refuse the delivery, you would be responsible for any duties and shipping costs that are incurred to return the product to you for your understanding!

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