Why is my FedEx tracking information taking time to update?

Updated 2 years ago by Esti Chazanow

We've dispatched your package to you using FedEx International Mail Service (FIMS). This is an excellent new shipping program created by FedEx which incorporates your package joining other packages in a consolidated shipment to a FedEx hub in New Jersey, United States. Once in New Jersey, FedEx processes all the packages and dispatches each to its respective country, where FedEx partners with the local postal service.  

As we have shipped thousands of orders internationally, we have found that local postal authorities, in contrast to private courier services, do not charge additional processing and handling fees for customs, and therefore we have chosen to use FIMS. 

What does this all mean to you?

  1. Since your package is initially part of a consolidated shipment, there may be a delay between the time your tracking information is initially generated until it actually begins its journey.
  2. Once your package begins its journey, when you look up your tracking information, the scheduled delivery will show as "pending" and in transit to New Jersey. Please note that this is normal, and the tracking will update once processed in New Jersey.  Your tracking may say: "paperwork available," that is also normal and does not require you to view or check any paperwork, it's for internal purposes.
  3. Once your package departs New Jersey, because it is being handled by two different entities, tracking may take time to update.  

We appreciate your patience throughout the process, and know that you'll be delighted once you receive your watch!

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