How the date mechanism on my watch work?

Updated 2 years ago by Esti Chazanow

Is it normal for the date on my watch to make a slow transition to the following day, rather than a fast, immediate one?

  • YES!
  • It's standard, for all watches, that a date change may appear slower than you expect.  Each watch needs a certain amount of minutes to make the complete change to the following day, as it's not an electronic, immediate change. 
  • The date change will start before 12 o'clock so that by the time 12 o'clock hits, it will be the correct date. 
  • Imagine this: if the date change started at 12 o'clock, then 5-10 minutes into the next day it would be showing the wrong date. We wouldn't want that, would we?

When does the date change?

  • Regardless of when you change the date on your watch,  the date will change when the watch passes the 12 hour mark for the second time.
  • The date does not alter 24 hours after setting the date.  

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