What should I do if my automatic watch is gaining too much time?

Updated 2 years ago by Esti Chazanow

Why may a watch run faster than it's meant to and what to do?

  • In most cases, a fast running LIV watch, like any watch, would be attributed to magnetization and needs to be de-magnetized. 
  • You can go into any reputable jeweler or watchmaker in your area, and ask them to demagnetize the watch for you. It does not require them to open the interior of the watch (which would void your warranty). 

More on magnetization

For more on magnetization, watch the following clip:

Other options

Alternatively, a fast running LIV watch may be sent to the LIV Service Center to be demagnetized. If you'd prefer this option, please submit a Service Request and follow the instructions that are provided to you once you complete the form.

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