Is it normal if the rotor in my GX1-A or Rebel-A does not move around freely?

Updated 2 years ago by Esti Chazanow

  • Every automatic watch is designed differently. The rotor used in the LIV GX1-A and Rebel-A does not rotate very freely and is stiffer than perhaps another mechanical watch you own; this is normal and is due to the way in which Sellita has designed the movement. 
  • The timepiece will still run smoothly, and the stiffness of the rotor will have no bearing on its accuracy.  That is, even though the rotor is not moving around freely, it is still charging and powering the movement.
  • Sellita's SW200 rotors are not designed to swing around, so if you shake your watch, you may find that it may not spin as much as other movements.  Again, no need to worry, as this is normal :-).

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