My watch is foggy, what should I do?

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Learn more about dealing with condensation in your LIV watch.

About condensation
Condensation can form in certain situations - in situations of rapid temperature changes, or when the crown is not completely closed in environments with a lot of steam or water. Condensation should go away on its own, as long as you keep the crown tightly closed and screwed in.

If the condensation in your watch does not seem to be disappearing after a week
If you live in the US, you'll need to send it in for service so that we can run a water pressure test for you.
If you live outside the US, please take your watch to a local reputable jeweler and have them run a water pressure test, and then contact us with the test results.

Next step

If the outcome of the water pressure test demonstrates that the crown had been closed at the time of exposure to water or extreme tempearture changes,  the watch will be covered under our five-year warranty.

Please note: If your crown was not closed properly when your watch was exposed to water or extreme temperature changes, it would not be covered under warranty.

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